Prayer spaces in College

The Chapel is a place of Christian worship but is also a very beautiful and peaceful space which aims to welcome those of all faiths or none. Choral Evensong takes place three times a week during term time, at 6.15pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 6pm on Sundays. Twice a term, the Choir also sings Compline at 10pm on a Wednesday, which is an atmospheric candlelit service perfect for finding some space in the middle of a stressful term. 

There is also a prayer room, in W staircase of Memorial Court, which is open 24/7 as a quiet prayer and meditation multi-faith space. The prayer room will have basic facilities added and stored inside; please contact the UCS Ethnic Minorities officer for any suggestions or if any other facilities are required.

Religious societies and spaces in Cambridge

Cambridge has a vibrant scene of religious societies, many of whom run multiple events every term. It is a great way to meet others of a similar faith across Cambridge and get involved in a community at university. Most of the listed societies are active on Facebook and Instagram, with many having private Facebook groups and WhatsApp chats that students can join on request to further engage with the religious scene in Cambridge. For more information, the University website hosts a Directory of Faith and Belief Communities in Cambridge, in which more information about specific faiths and denominations can be found.


The Cambridge University Buddhist Society (CUBS; link to Facebook; Instagram: @cambridgebuddhist) is open to all students and holds various events in term time. Their website has information about many kinds of meditation groups, as does the website for the Cambridge Buddhist Centre. Rachel Harris (rmh1001), a Fellow at Clare, is the Buddhist Chaplain to the University and holds 8 week meditation classes in college.

Baháʼí Faith

The Cambridge University Bahá’í society (website; Facebook) holds talks and reflections during term time, often in conjunction with the Cambridge Festival.


As well as our college chapel, the city of Cambridge also has a large number of churches of various denominations. The student Christian Union (CICCU / CU; website; Facebook; Instagram: @cambridge_cu) is a highly active society and has a collegiate branch in Clare, about which more information can be found under our list of Societies. For more information regarding individual denominations, please refer to the Directory of Faith and Belief Communities in Cambridge.


The Cambridge University Hindu Cultural Society (CUHCS; Facebook; Instagram: @camhindusoc) operates many events related to the rich heritage and culture of Hinduism. The Cambridge University Krishna Consciousness Society (KCSoc; Facebook; Instagram: @cambridgekcsoc) also holds events during term time. The Cambridge Hindu Forum organises regular poojas on a monthly basis as well as celebrating major Hindu festivals, and is actively working to establish a temple in Cambridgeshire. The Cambridge Hindu Association also celebrates Hindu festivals and is based just off Mill Road.


The Cambridge University Islamic Society (ISoc; website; Facebook; Instagram: @cu_isoc) is an active society hosting a wide variety of events and campaigns within Cambridge. ISoc operates a prayer room on Sidgwick site, for which access can be requested through this form. A weekly Jummah is also hosted in central Cambridge every Friday. Information about the above and more about prayer spaces and mosques can be found on this page.


The Cambridge University Jain Society (Facebook; Instagram: @cambridgeuniversityjainsociety) hosts events in relation to Jainism during term time, often in collaboration with other Cambridge societies or Jain societies from other universities.


The Cambridge University Jewish Society (JSoc, website; Facebook; Instagram: @cambridgejsoc) is highly active and provides an open and welcoming space to all Jewish students, regardless of affiliation, background or level of religious observance. In particular, the society holds a weekly communal Friday Night Dinner as well as various socials, speaker events, services, and discussion groups. Many of these events can be booked on the JSoc Meals website. The Chabad Jewish Society (website) also provides information on Jewish life in Cambridge.


The Cambridge University Sikh Society (CU Sikh Soc; website; Instagram: @cusikhsoc) runs events for Sikh students from both Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin Universities. The Cambridge Gurdwara is located at 150 Arbury Road.