Going Out

Cambridge has four main clubs, each of which has an associated night or nights of the week. On most nights of the week one of the four clubs will be pretty packed with students apart from Saturday when it’s full of ’townies’ (the non-student population). Cambridge bouncers will not always accept student ID, so you must bring standard ID (like a drivers’ license or less advisable, a passport). All of the clubs are near the centre meaning only a short walk back home to Memorial Court.

Information on the different clubs in Cambridge will be added soon.

Clare Cellars

Clare Cellars is the student-run College bar. It’s open 7 days a week 19:30-23:30, or until 00:00 on Ents Fridays or Jazz Saturdays. It boasts a fantastic sound system, a pool table, cheap alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, snacks and a great place to socialise. Look out for Ents most Fridays, Clare Jazz four Saturdays a term, as well as themed nights, pub quizzes, charity events and competitions. The bar can also take bookings for parties and special events.


The Bar and Cellars are available for bookings. To book an event, please first read the following documents: JCR Booking Policy and JCR Booking Contract. You should also read the Health and Safety rules. You should also consider the accessibility information at the bottom of this page. Then download and complete this form: Booking Request Form.

Please note – by submitting a booking request you are agreeing to the terms in the “JCR Booking Policy” document above.

Then please send the completed form to Charlie Pepper (cglp2) If you expect more than 100 people to attend, pay careful attention to the relevant sections of the “JCR Booking Policy” document.

Only food and drink purchased at Clare Bar may be consumed in the Buttery, Cellars and Bar area. In booking an event you are agreeing that you will comply with this.


The Bar stocks a great variety of drinks, including draught beers, draught ciders, wine, spirits, soft drinks, bottled drinks,  and the famous Stone Cold. You can check out the full range and prices here.


Cellars/JCR are accessible via a lift, which can be entered off North Passage (involving the opening of one, relatively heavy door), and takes you to the entrance of the buttery, through which Cellars/the JCR can be entered without any steps. There is padded seating in the form of sofas here, as well as hard-backed chairs. There is a gender-neutral, accessible toilet nearby, at the entrance to the buttery.


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