Student Testimonies

The university prospectus may be able to tell you the theory of what the course you’re looking at will be like, but how true is what they say in the prospectus? Here you can find testimonies from students who are actually studying the courses. Students who can tell you exactly what life at Cambridge studying your chosen course will be like. On top of this you can find interview accounts for each of the subjects. These interview accounts will tell you roughly what to expect when you sit down in the room for your interview at Clare. We’ve all been through these interviews and all know how scary it is before you get there, but equally we all know that the interviews were no where near as bad as we expected. So, why not become more knowledgeable before you apply? Find out exactly what your course will be like. Find out roughly what to expect from your interview. Most of all, find out all of this from students who were in your very position just a couple of years ago.