Meet the Committee

Find your elected UCS representatives for 2023 – 2024 below. Feel free to get in touch whenever with any questions! You can contact any of us by email by adding to our CRSids below. Every term, the UCS holds open meetings, so you’re also welcome to come and field questions in person.

For important resources and information, have a look at the public Google.

Sally Edser

I’m Sally (she/her), a third-year Classics student, and I’m excited to be your UCS president this year! My role is primarily representing undergrad interests & concerns when liaising with College, chairing the UCS and supporting the rest of the committee. I’d like to help create a welcoming and inclusive community within Clare, and would love to hear your suggestions.
You can usually find me in the LCR single-handedly getting through the hot chocolate supply & generally avoiding work.

Vice President
Emma Caroe

I’m Emma (she/her), and I study Sociology and Politics. As this year’s Vice President I’m excited to work with Sally to ensure that the UCS runs smoothly and plays an active role in promoting student learning and wellbeing, as well as pushing college on matters including environmental issues, refugee awareness, and widening participation. Do email me if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas that you want me and the UCS to work on! Outside of my degree, I’m involved in student activism and I sing in Clare Choir as well as occasionally testing my acting skills on the opera scene.

Jasmine Cavalla

I’m Jasmine (she/her) and am a third-year PBS student. I’m the secretary for this committee and aim to share everything that’s happening with the entire Clare student body. Apart from explaining why PBS is a STEM degree, I have a love of (emo) concerts, crotchet, and talking about my cat Milo. If you have any questions, or just want to chat, feel free to email me!

Barakah Shoubaki

I’m Barakah (she/her), a third-year Law student, and the new UCS Treasurer. I’m looking forward to managing the funds for all of the exciting projects and wonderful events that our student societies and the student body in general holds for everybody, and if you have any specific recommendations or thoughts about funding please do let me know. Aside from my degree, I love reading, Lana Del Rey, watching Star Wars every Friday and going for spooky walks at night.

Academic Affairs Officer
Patrick Devlin

I’m Patrick (he/him) and I’m a second-year medical student. Naturally spending lots of time in the FML I’m very excited to be your UCS Academic Affairs Officer for this year. Through this role I will work with the librarians and college to improve academic services provided at Clare, using your feedback to make a difference on the issues most important to you all surrounding things such as the FML/LCR and anything else related to your academic life at Clare. I hope to work with the rest of the committee, especially the welfare officers, this year to make sure every student at Clare feels supported both academically and personally.

Access Officer
Keren Hijmensen

I’m Keren (she/her) and I’m a second-year PBS student. As Access Officer, I will be involved in helping to run the enhancement and shadowing scheme (for students from Access backgrounds to settle in before the start of the year, and to help sixth form students experience what studying at Cambridge is like). I’m super happy to be involved with the existing projects at Clare and will hopefully be expanding the available opportunities!

Buildings & Accommodation Officer
Lucas Chaplin

I’m Lucas (he/him) and I’ll be your Buildings and Accommodation officer for this year. I’m a second-year historian, so have plenty of time to meet your housing needs. As for what I do, my main role is to generally ensure that everything is in order when it comes to your rooms, but I’ll be busiest when it comes to dealing with the room ballot system when it rears its head again next year. Besides housing, I love talking about all things history (I would turn Castle Court into a real castle if I had the budget) and will take any and all on at Mario Kart if given half the chance. I am available to contact via email for any accommodation queries that you have, including maintenance requests if you are unsure about what to do!

Class Act Officer
Lily Roett

I’m Lily (she/her), I’m a second-year studying Natural Sciences and I’m excited to be the Class Act Officer! My role within the UCS primarily lies in recognising and representing the opinions of working class and low income students, as well as anyone who feels they identify with the Class Act Scheme. I’m super excited to help to make Clare a more considerate and comfortable environment for students of all backgrounds! If you have any questions regarding my role or Class Act in general, don’t hesitate to send me an email! (I love procrastinating by pretending I’m doing “admin” work.)

Ethical & Environmental Affairs Officer
Molly Richardson

My name’s Molly (she/her) and I’m a second-year BioNatsci. My role as Ethical and Environmental Officer covers a fairly broad range of aspects – from enhancing Clare’s reputation as one of the most sustainable colleges, to organising socials for people to meet and collaborate. I am particularly passionate about supporting food banks and this year I would love to strengthen Clare’s relationship with local organisations. When I’m not in a lecture or a lab, I enjoy writing, music, and heated political debate with anyone who will indulge me! I want my role to be as representative of the Clare students as possible, so if you have any ideas and suggestions, feel free to contact me.

Ethnic Minorities Officer
Haley Huang

I’m Haley (they/them), a third-year Engineering student. I’m the new Ethnic Minorities Officer (you might know me as the former Green Officer; maybe I just have an obsession with colours?) for the upcoming year! I’ll try to hear all of your concerns – at least when my noise cancelling earphones aren’t in – and work with college to address them. Outside of procrastinating, I draw, am in a band, do green stuff, and make dumb jokes to beg for attention.

International Students Officer
Sing Wei Lim

I’m Sing Wei (she/her), and I’m a second-year BioNatsci from Singapore. I’m thrilled to be your International Students Officer for the next year – I hope to engage with the diverse international community at Clare, ensuring that Clare is a welcoming and supportive place for students from all across the world. Through this role, I hope to enhance the college’s support for incoming international freshers, organise events, and advocate for issues specific to international students. Biology is the love of my life but beyond that I also love reading, origami, and listening to an esoteric range of music. Feel free to contact me – I’d love to hear your suggestions, or just have a nice chat!

LGBTQ+ Officer
Daniel Harrison

I’m Dan (he/him) and I’m a second-year Natsci specialising in physiology and materials. As your LGBTQ+ officer it’s my role to help you access any support you might need as well as providing social events especially during LGBTQ+ history month. If you need to contact me drop me an email or find me in Cellars; I’m basically part of the furniture.

Mental Health & Disabilities Officer
Carys Jones

I’m Carys (left), I’m a first year Law student and I’ll be your Disabled Student’s Officer for this year. In my role I’ll be representing the views and promoting for the interests of disabled students at Clare. I’ll also be available as a point of contact for anyone in need of support or guidance, whether that’s help with applying for exam arrangements or funding, or running the disabled college families scheme again. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

Services Officer
Aardash Khimasia

I’m Aadarsh (he/him) and I’m a first-year Veterinary Medic! I’m your Services Officer for the next year; I’ll be stocking the LCR (Library Common Room) with what you, the people, choose, and I also represent the undergrads on the Catering committee. I’ll voice your queries and concerns about Clare food and the Buttery to Catering – this covers everything from sustainability to menu changes and themed formals! Aside from LCR procrastination, I also dabble in a little bit of sport (pls join Clomerton Lax!!) and vent my academic frustrations through songwriting.

Social Secretary
Flora Borthwick

I’m Flora (she/her), and I’m a second-year History student. As Social Secretary I’m excited to help continue Clare’s vibrant social scene, making sure amazing spaces like Cellars and the (returning) formal hall have bops, swaps and formals for everyone to enjoy! If you ever want to suggest themes for a social event, charities we could use a bop to raise money for, or just have a chat, please email me! Aside from history I love photography, Taylor Swift, and of course a night in Cellars.

Sports & Societies Officers
Sophie Martin & Lydia Rice
sm2717 & lr566

We are Lydia (she/her) and Sophie (she/her) and we are this year’s Sports and Societies officers. Lydia is a first-year Economics student (right) and Sophie is a first year BioNatsci (left). This coming year, we are hoping to encourage greater participation in all of the societies which Clare has to offer, as they are a great way to unwind and get away from the library! We’ll also be looking after gym inductions, so if you have any questions, or ideas, feel free to get in touch.

Welfare Officers
Rose Dolan & Ed Parker
rd666 & ep683

I’m Rose, one of Clare’s welfare officers for 2023. I’m really looking forward to working with Ed this year to run one-off and more regular welfare events during the term, and in the meantime, be on hand to assist anyone who needs us. I’m also hoping to work with college to make people’s experiences at Clare as happy as possible.

I’m Ed (he/him), a first-year HisPol, and I’m one of the UCS welfare officers for this year. I’m excited to work with Rose to organise regular welfare events. We plan to have regular drop ins, as well as responding to specific concerns of the student body. We’re both keen to be as approachable as possible, so feel free to get in touch.

Women & Non-binary Officer
Priya Watkinson

I’m Priya (she/her) and I study Classics. As women and non-binary officer this year I would love to create a community of empowerment for female and non-binary students in college by running (hopefully) termly formals and socials! I also hope to carry on the effective organisation and running of the fresher’s consent workshop, as well as advocating for women and non-binary issues within College. Do get in touch if you have any suggestions/problems/anything else, I would love to hear from you 🙂

IT Rep
Luca Swinnerton

I’m Luca, and I’m a second-year mathmo. I’ll be your IT rep for this year, which involves helping the UCS with anything technology-related, as well as running the website and helping any of you with IT issues 🙂
Outside of maths, I also enjoy music – I play the piano and viola. Feel free to get in touch!

Social Media Reps
Mia Da Costa & Nell Bridges
md958 & nb687

I’m Mia, I’m a second-year law student and I’ll be one of your Social Media Representatives. I’m looking forward to spicing up the UCS’s Instagram feed, and creating a lively and informative online presence for everything happening at college! You will usually find me speed-walking to a theatre rehearsal in all black, with a Shakespeare tote and ice coffee in hand; but I am always quick to respond to any inquires so please get in touch!

I’m Nell (she/her), and I’m a second-year geographer. I can’t wait to work alongside Mia and bombard the UCS social media pages with informative and, sometimes decorative content! Keep an eye out for a potential UCS TikTok page. As a retired Insta influencer, I can ensure that the UCS socials get the engagement they deserve… Ryanair TikTok? More like RyanClare. Feel free to launch any ideas for posts in mine/Mia’s direction and we will deliver. Catch me at the gym or staring at the nearest flowers/ducks!

Trans & Non-binary Rep
Mary Skuodas

I’m Mary (they/them), I’m trans non-binary and I study Natural Sciences. I am excited to be the Trans and Non-Binary Rep this year! I hope in my role I can continue to establish Clare as a friendly college for all students, working as a voice for all trans and non-binary students within college and ensuring support and community within Clare and beyond. Outside of working, I love to read, care for the Clare allotment and tend to my extensive houseplant collection.