Money should be no issue when it comes to applying to Clare, and there are a ridiculous number of funding sources for students at all Cambridge colleges. Not only is there ample funding for your degree and living costs, but Clare and Cambridge also give a lot of money to their students just to enrich your time here, such as travel grants.  

From personal experience, the author of this guide, in receipt of a full maintenance loan and the full Cambridge Bursary (£3500 a year), has not struggled financially at Cambridge despite coming from a low income background.

To summarise all the sources of funding available for living costs and the full uni experience at Clare, we’ve made a Clare Funding Guide, which you can read using the link below. It’s intended to make sure you know about every last penny you’re entitled to at Cambridge.

A link to the Google Docs version of the guide can be found here:

Other useful resources include: