In your room

Every room has a blue recycling bin which is suitable for all paper and card; in most staircases there is a larger recycling bin on the ground floor for larger items such as packaging boxes.

You will have at least one radiator in your room, which can be turned on and off at your convenience. The heating will remain on all winter until it’s sufficiently warm for the heating to be turned off. It’s far better for the environment to keep the radiators off until you need them, rather than keeping them on all the time just in case, especially if you are going out for the day. Please don’t leave the radiator on and the window open as it’s such a waste of energy and money for the college which could be spent on better things. It’s a good idea to get into a habit of turning your radiator off about 20 minutes before you leave.

Naturally, British winters can be quite chilly so it’s a good idea to bring some fluffy blankets and cushions to snuggle up with. Make sure windows are closed when it’s cold to stop draughts getting in, keeping curtains closed in the evening can also stop draughts.

If you suspect any unnatural noises or leakages in your radiator contact the maintenance department as soon as possible at maintenance.cam.ac.uk

In your bathroom

Make sure you turn your taps all the way off especially when brushing your teeth. It’s also a good idea to keep the power of the shower low and bear in mind how long you’re in there for.

In the gyps

Each gyp has a recycling bin and a regular bin, you should be posters in every gyp to help you decide what be recycled, but it’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution and check the product labels.

Try to buy Fairtrade when you can and keep in mind how the foods you are eating impact the environment. It’s easy to forget about your food once it gets left in the fridge so try to plan what you’re going to buy and eat in advance to avoid food waste.

Around college

Recycling bins are available all around college, including the Porters’ Lodge which means you can recycle any unwanted mail really easily.

Try to do laundry in full loads and bring a clothes horse to save money and the environment, a range of eco-friendly detergents such as ecover can be bought nearby.

Outside College

Alongside buying Fairtrade, donating and buying from charity shops or thrift stores can be a great way to save money and the environment. Whilst there aren’t many in the city centre, a 10-minute walk out of town will bring you to Mill Road or Burleigh Street both of which have a great selection of charity shops, vintage sales and independent artisan cafes.