Subject Reps

Subject Reps

Subject Reps are all in their second year or beyond, and so have the ability to advise you on any aspect of your course – get to know them well, and feel free to bombard them with questions, before, during, and after Freshers’ Week! You will meet them at your subject picnic in the first couple of days, and they will be organising various other social events throughout the year, bringing together everyone in your subject. They all work hard to safeguard the interests of your subject within the college and beyond.

List of Subject Representatives:

MML             –        Oyinkan Odumade (oao29) Scarlet O’Shea (sao42)

Theology       –        Charlie Pepper (cglp2) Sam Stewart (sjs244)

Geography    –        Alec Barton (ab2474)

Economics     –        Rachel Gynn (rmg59)

Classics          –        Lily Bao (lyb21) Natalie Chapman (nc507)

Phys NatSci    –             George Poole (grp39) Metha Prathaban (myp23) Jozie Meldrum (jc2070)

Bio NatSci      –        Esme Norbury (ecan2) Maddy Richer (mr740) Theo Redfern-Nicholls (tr428)

Maths            –        Ward van der Schoot (wev21) Keji Neri (mn492) Alex Constantinou (aac62)

Medicine      –        Jesse Anthony (jeca2) Lorcan Elliott (lde24)

Engineering   –        Alex Lezard (ajl205) Zoe Tan (zxyt2)

Chem Engineering     –        Helen Schofield (hrs44)

Law               –        Robbie Rawlings (rr551) Claire Tipton (ct540) Sophie Sundaram (ses96)

Philosophy    –        James Rosen (jsr61)

English          –        Enia Phocas (ip346) Molly Ingham (mi335)

HSPS             –        Nick Saunders (ns684) Dan Wright (dw531)

Architecture –        Margarita Kobrina (mlk41) Kevin He (kh632) Gabriel Anstee (gxa20)

Computer Sciences    –        Dan Atkins (da439) Sam Williams (sw816)

Music            –        Oliver Cope (oc300)

Vet Med        –        Mimo Sandford (iess2)

Linguistics     –        Eva Roney (er487) Annabel Maidment (aem95) Sam Ahmed (ska40)

History          –        Alycia Leach (ahl31) Emma Burley (eb701)

AMES/ASNAC –        Jacob Bruchez (jb2161) Jai Kip White-Saini (jksw3)

PBS               –        Joycelyn Li (jl2002)

History of Art     – Ashley Saville (aas85)

EED                      – Joy Gingell (jg850)