Life in Cambridge

Here is some general information about life at the university.

University card

[camcard picture]

You will get given your university card by the porters on your arrival along with your room keys. It does a lot of things for you, as well as functioning as a proof of your enrolment at the university (useful forgetting student discounts!). It costs £20 to get a replacement, and without it you can be a bit stuck, so DON’T LOSE IT. You can order a replacement card here.

Please note that your university card must not be used by anyone other than yourself.

Here are some of the things it’s used for:

College Access: it acts as a key to a lot of locked doors in College e.g. X staircase in Memorial Court, Castle End in the Colony, laundry rooms, the college library (FML), the Library Common Room (LCR),music practice rooms, and the actual college! (side doors, backdoors, gates, everywhere! – this will be useful mostly at night)

General University Access: it allows you to go through places that are restricted to tourists – for example, you’ll be allowed to walkthrough King’s if you show it to the custodians on the gates. You’ll need to access other colleges, whether for supervisions, to visit friends, or just as a shortcut, and you may need to have your card ready to prove that you do go the university.

Buttery: you need your card to pay for meals in buttery – it is connected to your college bill. Note that you CANNOT pay with your uni card at the bar. No.

Library Books: the barcodes at the back is used for borrowing books in libraries across the university, including the FML and the faculty libraries. To enter the UL, you’ll need to scan your card at the entrance.

Never give your university card to someone else – aside from this not being allowed, if they lose it then you’ll be the one without a card.

Spare Room Keys / Spare Room Cards

If you lock your room key/card in your room you can sign out a spare from the Porters’ Lodge free of charge. These  must be returned as soon as you’ve obtained your original key/card otherwise you’ll be fined for the cost of a replacement key.