Going Out

Cambridge has four main clubs, each of which has an associated night or nights of the week. On most nights of the week one of the four clubs will be pretty packed with students apart from Saturday when it’s full of ’townies’ (the non-student population). In Cellars you buy club tickets which can give queue jump and remove some of the hassle. Cambridge bouncers are not the most consistent so will not always accept student ID meaning it is always useful to bring standard ID (eg drivers’ license or less advisable, a passport). All of the clubs are near the centre meaning only a short walk back home to Memorial Court.


Currently called Ballare but still known as Cindies, despite not having been named that for years. Cindies is well known for its incredibly cheesy music (the Pirates of the Caribbean theme is a favourite) and the fact that most songs are only played for around 30 seconds. Wednesday Cindies is probably the most popular student night in Cambridge, so best to get there early to avoid queues. Tuesday Cindies is also popular – less busy and less sweaty.


Like Cindies Life isn’t actually called that. It has been renamed from Kuda to Vinyl over the summer – so it will be a new experience for all of us! Situated under Waterstones, Life is the destination of most Clare students after Clare Ents, where you will find us sipping VKs near the infamous cupboard in a part of the club affectionately called the Clarea. Sunday Life is popular night for Cambridge students of all colleges, and on Tuesdays it hosts Glitterbomb the LGBT+ night.

Lola Lo

Cambridge’s very own tropical themed club Lola Lo is big on a Thursday and can beat the other clubs with the fact it has multiple dance floors and a heated rooftop smoking/outdoors area.


Fez is a good alternative to the cheesy nights at other clubs with more alternative music. Fez is open on Mondays & Fridays and also runs an alternate night on Sunday with CREEM DJs, the opposite of Sunday Life.