Gender Expression Fund

What is the Gender Expression Fund? 

The UCS provides a Gender Expression Fund, currently standing at £150 annually, to reimburse students who purchase items to make them more comfortable with their gender presentation, including but not limited to binders, packers, concealing underwear, wigs, and breast forms. 

Why does the fund exist?

We hope this scheme will benefit transgender students who would otherwise be financially excluded from purchasing these items despite wishing to do so, since many of these items are manufactured in the United States or are expensive for other reasons. The full motion explaining our rationale can be found here.  

Clare must be a welcoming, supportive community which embodies the values of solidarity and respect, and where one is free to explore gender identity and expression. The Gender Expression Fund is one way to realise that vision.

We plan to discuss provision of a Gender Expression Fund with representatives of Clare College to explore other avenues for supporting transgender, gender non-conforming, and questioning students at Clare, such as the provision of funds directly from Clare College, including for other costs like reimbursement for travel from Cambridge to Gender Identity Clinics. These would all build on the work done by the UCS and Clare College so far to make Clare more inclusive, including the provision of this fund and gender neutral toilets.

How does it work?

The UCS LGBT+ Officer has been mandated to reimburse transgender, gender non-conforming, and questioning students from this fund on a case-by-case basis, with a recommended maximum of £40 per student per year, subject to increase or decrease depending on the availablity of funds and individuals’ circumstances.

The UCS LGBT+ Officer is required to preserve the strict privacy and anonymity of students requesting reimbursement from the Gender Expression Fund. This is done by sending anonymised receipts to the UCS Treasurer, who reimburses the UCS LGBT+ Officer, who would themselves reimburse the student in question. 

How can I apply?

As mentioned above, message the UCS LGBT+ Officer. Your application will be treated in the strictest confidence.