If you’re wanting to get involved with something alongside your degree that’s greatly rewarding and hugely helps prospective applicants, the Clare Access Team would love your help!

With increasing research on how one’s background may affect their likelihood of obtaining a place at a high-performing university such as Cambridge, it has never been more apparent that access work holds great importance. But helping the large cohorts of prospective applicants requires large cohorts of helpers. Whether you have been an individual who has benefited from an access scheme and wants to return the favour, or you are someone who has attended a high-performing secondary school and wishes to inspire those who may not have had the same opportunities as yourself, we need as many students as possible to help out and show prospective students that Cambridge is indeed ACCESSIBLE!

One way to get involved is through the CUSU Shadowing Scheme. This scheme happens over three weekends in January and February, and it involves a large number of students, primarily from non-traditional backgrounds, coming to Cambridge to ‘shadow’ a current student (perhaps you!) for a few days. In essence, this involves the prospective applicant sitting in on your lectures / supervisions when appropriate and also getting involved with the organised activities. Having been a mentee on the scheme three years ago and a mentor on the scheme in my 1st year at Cambridge, I can personally vouch for the huge impact this scheme has.

You can also get involved with access at Clare in particular through leading college tours for school children from our target areas! They last roughly 45 minutes and give you the chance to show possible future applicants what a gorgeous college Clare is – these small tours are great fun and speaking to younger children from non-traditional backgrounds highlights exactly why access work is important. As a tour guide, you are also able to get a free lunch after most tours as a little thank you from the college.

If you would like to lead tours then you must attend a VERY short workshop session, so be sure to sign up at the Clare Freshers’ Fair if you’d like to get involved with said tours or generally with access at Clare.