Meet the Committee

Meet the Committee


  Find your elected UCS representatives below. Feel free to get in touch whenever with any questions! Our emails can be found on this page. All UCS meetings are open to Clare members, so you’re also welcome to come and field questions in person. Events for meetings are listed on our Facebook page.

As you can see from the big angry heading, these details are currently out of date, since the new committee has been in power for less than a week, and is still getting writing these bios. They should be updated soon. - IT Officer, 09/04/21.


Ella Nevill

Hi!! I’m Ella (she/her) and I’m a 3rd year HSPS student from Essex. Although I arrived slightly later to the role than rest of this year’s committee, I’m super excited to be representing Clare students this year and can’t wait to work with college on access, welfare, liberation, and academic-related issues (especially as a first-generation student). I hope to be a friendly face (or email… thanks COVID) to chat to if you ever need me!

When I’m not frowning at my laptop screen (#academia #fun) I’m probably rehearsing with the Varsity dance team, doing something theatre-related, working on access mentoring schemes, or lecturing my friends about why Michael Bublé and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ARE valid forms of art. My fun fact is that I have a dog called Bertie who simply is the topic of every conversation I ever have – it’s his world and we’re all just living in it x 

If you ever need me you can contact me at en335 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk or at ucs-pres [at] clare [dot] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk 


Ethan Pratt

‘Ey up! I’m Ethan (he/him pronouns), a third-year History student. My job as Secretary is to make sure all official meetings and discussion by the UCS are available to YOU to read in a way that is accessible, transparent and deeply irreverent. I’m looking forward to working with the committee to promote new environmental, welfare and inclusion initiatives to support all students who want or need greater access to our brilliant Clare community!

In my free time, I enjoy watching (and misunderstanding) foreign-language films, rowing and over-exaggerating my Northernness. I’ve also recently discovered a secret love of oldy-worldy maps (and yes, that is a proper historical term). A couple of fun facts: I was the last baby born in Sunderland in the last millenium, and I used to be a voice actor.

You can contact me at: ecp39 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

VICE President

David Barton

Hi, I’m David (he/him pronouns), a third year Engineering student. I’m eager to work with the rest of the committee to try and make Clare a better place for students. As an ex-Welfare Officer, I have some big ideas on how we can help increase student happiness, and I’m also keen to push for a far greener UCS that works to promote a more environmentally-friendly college. In my spare time, I enjoy getting involved with student theatre and making awful cocktails. My fun fact is that I once saw Ian McKellen on the tube and he winked at me. When I looked back at the next station, he had vanished. Magical.

You can contact me at: dib29 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk


Rowan Stewart

Hi I’m Rowan (she/her), I study linguistics and I’m your treasurer this year! I’m really excited to be part of the UCS and to put my finance skills of transferring money to my Monzo on nights out into practice. I want to make sure that decisions I make about the budget and society allocations are completely transparent, so if you have any questions or queries feel free to email me! In my free time I enjoy playing touch rugby, watching an embarrassing number of period dramas and explaining to people what my degree is.

You can contact me at: rs2074 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk


Liam McKnight

Hi, I’m Liam (he/him), a third-year linguistics student from Oxf*rdshire and your academic affairs officer this year! My role is to make Clare as good a place to study as possible, by making sure everyone has access to the study spaces and resources they need. I’m also keen to hear any ideas you might have about improving study facilities, or student welfare related to study. When I’m not being a massive nerd you might find me attempting improv comedy or trying to shoot random people with Nerf guns (don’t ask). My fun fact: at home I have a tortoise and six cats and I don’t even regret it.

You can contact me at: lrm46 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

ACCESS Officer

Aga Niewiadomska

Hi! I’m Aga (she/her) and I am your access officer this year! I study computer science and am incredibly excited about making Clare more accessible to students of all backgrounds. My main aim is to try to show students that their background has no impact on whether or not they belong here, by running outreach events and making sure that schools in our link areas are aware of them, and the financial assistance Clare has to offer. In my free time, I love watching awful films with my friends and singing, especially when I’m accompanied by people more musically gifted than me!

You can contact me at: an578 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

Accommodation Officer

Adam Hardy

Hi I’m Adam (he/him) and I’m a third year Classics student. I am the UCS officer responsible for all things related to college buildings and accommodation, such as the rooms ballot. I also go to meetings with the Estates, Accommodation and Old Court Working Party Committees on behalf of the UCS. In my spare time I do a bit of drama here and there as well as art and photography.

You can contact me at: ah2025 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk


Angela Liu

Hi friends! I’m Angela (she/her) and I’m your BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) officer this year. I’m a second year Classicist of Chinese descent, but I come from New Zealand. I’m here to ensure that everyone who identifies as a BAME student at Clare has the support and encouragement they need to thrive here. I’ll be representing the interests of BAME students, making sure that their voices are always heard and that any issues are addressed the way they should be.

In my spare time, you’ll find me singing in Jesus College Choir, doing jiu jitsu with Abby, spending painful amounts of time making playlists on Spotify, and generally avoiding my degree. I’m always down to listen to anything you have to say – please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want a chat, or an argument, or to rant about white people or the patriarchy or just that essay deadline looming over your shoulder!



You can contact me at: ynl29 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

Ethical and Environmental Affairs Officer

Oscar Simms

Hi! My name’s Oscar (he/him) and I’m your Ethics and Environment Officer. I’m studying Music but would much rather be hearing your ideas about how the UCS can help Clare to be more ethical/green. I’m hoping the UCS this year can work closely with Clare Goes Green, Clare Living Wage Campaign and other student-led campaigns to support (and pressure) College into being as socially responsible as possible. Outside of complaining, you might find me trying to sing and/or act!

You can contact me at: os407 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

LGBT+ Officer

Franklin Arren

Hello darling Clareites! I’m Frankie (they/them or he/him) and I’m your LGBT+ Officer for the coming year. My job is to represent all Clare students who identify as part of the LGBT+ community, ensuring you have a queer community to be part of (if you want one) and also campaigning to make Clare a better place for its LGBT+ students. Coming to uni can be especially daunting for LGBT+ people so if you ever need a chat I am just a message away, on Facebook or email, or you can always say hi in person!

I’m an HSPS student from North Yorkshire and, when I’m not screaming about Northern independence, my time is taken up by other committee responsibilities, watching too many films and attempting to write whilst downing (you guessed it) Yorkshire Tea.

Mental HEalth and Disabilities OfficeR

Rowan Williams

Hi, I’m Rowan (he/him) and I’m the Mental Health and Disabilities Officer! I’m here to raise awareness about available support, represent students on issues of disability and mental health, and liaise with college where necessary. I’m a history and politics student from Oxfordshire, and in spare time I’m into cooking, football, and cocktails. My fun fact is I have a snake at home! Please do get in touch with me about anything at all relating to mental health and disabilities.

You can contact me at: rpw30 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk


Amber Jing

Hi, my name is Amber (She/her). I am your Services Officer. I am the person to contact for any LCR supply/ Buttery/ Formal catering related issues, or just a cup of tea and a HUGE hug! I make sure there are supplies in the LCR and attend catering meetings to bring up any concerns you have. I am an aspiring psychologist who has not (yet) been to any clubs. I am a jack of all tricks but master of none so I have now resolved to knitting and watching loads of videos instead of trying to refine any of my skills in my spare time, not that there is much at Cambridge.

You can contact me at: yj318 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

SOCIAL secretary

Abby Thompson
YOOO Clareites! I'm Abby (she/her pronouns), a second year engineer and I'm super excited to be your social sec! My job is parties, formals and general gatherings of people, all the 'social' stuff ya know. In my free time I do jiu jitsu, read, play my bass guitar and sing and my special talent is remembering everyone's birthdays, along with other random, miscellaneous pieces of information not relevant to my degree. If you need me, you'll either find me in Cellars, in the department, at the sports center or roaming around college in my pyjamas....just vibing as one should. If you have any ideas or concerns feel free to contact me!

You can contact me at: at892 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

Sports and Societies Officer

Sam Stephenson
Hi, I’m Sam and I’m your Sports & Societies Officer! I’m in my second year at Clare and I study engineering. I’ll be working with Tarn Chamberlain James and Jayme Benson to cover all aspects of your extra-curricular life at Clare. We all know how important it is to get involved with university life, and how beneficial it is to do something other than work while you’re here. That’s why we’re going to keep you updated with all the latest news regarding all the sports clubs and societies in Clare, from Clare Boat Club, to Clare Jazz, to the Cambridge Lettuce Club…! And don’t forget that oh-so-sweet stash! In my spare time I’m either playing my guitar, or doing some sort of sport, normally athletics or rowing, and due to that, this is as far as my personality extends. Fun Fact: I will happily put away a 4 pinter of milk on a daily basis.

You can contact me at: ss2666 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

Welfare Officer

Oli Rofe-Euden

Hi I’m Oli (he/him)! I’m a Bionatsci and the male Welfare Officer. In my spare time I love running, drawing and baking. I can’t wait to help college be the joyous place all you marvellous Clareites deserve. It’s my job and delight to provide a listening ear, calming chat and wide array of benevolent wholesome events. You can talk to us about any problem from the blight of essays to romance dramas and anything else the eccentric whirlwind of Cambridge can conjure up. Fun fact: I wrote a forty five thousand word diary during Lent term.

You can contact me at: or287 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

Welfare officer

Marina McCready

Hi, I’m Marina (she/her) and I’m your female Welfare Officer. I’m a second year classicist and if I’m not 20 tabs deep into iDiscover, I’m doing amateur drama/comedy, writing or just sitting in Cellars. I’m so excited to make our college a happier, healthier place, both by lending an ear to people with issues, and by running as many fun, wholesome events as our welfare budget/busy schedule allows, including arts and crafts, puppy therapy and plenty of welfare tea parties. My fun fact is that when I was a baby Scarlett Johansson called me cute. It’s been downhill since then.

You can contact me at: mm2418 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

WOMEN's OFficer

Lily Rafalin

Hello friends, my name is Lily (she/her pronouns), I’m a second-year Classicist and I’m very excited to be your Women and Non-Binary Officer this year. In a university space where male voices are often heard most loudly, I want to help create an environment where all female and non-binary students feel safe, heard, respected and empowered, and am always here to provide support or a listening ear for any issues you may encounter. I am committed to advocating for an intersectional feminist agenda within college and would love to hear what matters to you so please do get in touch if you have anything to share or just want to chat. In my spare time I enjoy lurking in corners, ready to pounce on an unsuspecting soul for a discussion about feminism, playing the cello, and sourcing yonic material for my vagina-themed Instagram account.

You can contact me at: lrr28 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

Clareification Editors

SamPumfrey-Sheppard and Adam Oussena

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