Welfare Support in College
Explained below are just some of the diverse support systems available through Clare, CUSU, the university and other organisations.

Your Tutor is a friendly member of the Clare College Fellowship who is there for you to talk to should you have any problems. You can talk to your Tutor about anything that is bothering you. All students are assigned a Tutor prior to their arrival and you will meet with your Tutor during Freshers’ Week. Tutors oversee your welfare and can represent you in certain dealings with the university, such as academic considerations due to illness or subject changes. If, for any reason, you would rather talk to someone other than your Tutor you can, of course, have a chat with whomever you feel most comfortable with. Please speak to the UCS Welfare Officer who will be more than happy to contact other members of staff on your behalf, including any of the other Tutors and the Dean. The Tutors are all extremely friendly and have a wealth of experience in helping students with all kinds of issues – from money worries to relationship troubles, over the years. Please make the most of what they can offer you.

The College Nurse

The College Nurse, Mrs Helen James (college-nurse [at] clare [dot] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk), is your first port of call should you feel unwell. She also offers excellent advice on personal and emotional as well as medical and sexual aspects of student welfare. She is available in her office (O5 Memorial Court) for a few hours on Monday-Friday and has free condoms and leaflets in her waiting room that you can collect confidentially. You will have a meeting with the College Nurse to register you with a Cambridge GP during Freshers’ Week. IMPORTANT: Please contact the Memorial Court Porters Lodge if you feel unwell outside the Nurse’s office hours.

The Dean
The college Dean is also very happy to listen to students and help in whichever way he can. He also offers supportive cups of tea! His office is E3 (Old Court). Please feel free to email him at jdth2 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk or dean [at] clare [dot] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk. IMPORTANT: The Dean is delighted to deal with students of all faiths or none.

Welfare Officer and Reps
As well as all of the UCS Executive Committee, there is a student welfare team with more welfare-specific roles for you to talk to if you need any support. We have a group of very friendly and approachable people on the team; led by the UCS Welfare Officer. If you find that you need help, please don’t struggle on your own or suffer in silence – find someone, or let us help you find someone, to talk to!

Condoms, Pregnancy Tests and Chlamydia Tests
Free condoms are available to all Clare students and can be accessed in a number of confidential ways:
– The College nurse: A box is kept in Helen’s waiting room. Outside working hours you can get a key for the room from The Memorial Court Porters Lodge.
– The Welfare Officer will be constantly putting some in the Welfare pigeon hole in Mem Court. You can contact him or her if there are none left in that pigeon hole or if you would like the Welfare Officer to put some specifically in your pigeon hole.
– CUSU: If you want large numbers of condoms you can buy them (heavily subsidised) from CUSU. Free pregnancy tests and chlamydia tests are supplied by the UCS Welfare Team. These can be obtained by either emailing Ben (he will put one in an envelope in your pigeon hole), or by leaving an enveloped note in his pigeonhole in The Colony, should you wish to remain anonymous (he will leave one in the same pigeon hole for you to collect later).

Welfare Cookie-Fairy
The welfare cookie fairy is part of the welfare team and delivers cookies to those in need of cheering up for big or small reasons. By emailing the cookie fairy on the welfare address (ucs-welfareteam [at] srcf [dot] net) with a friend’s name and place of accommodation, a free cookie will appear in that friend’s pigeonhole. For more information, please add ‘Clare Welfare Cookie-Fairy’ as a friend on Facebook.

University Counselling Service
Take a look at www.counselling.cam.ac.uk/selfhelp.html.

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