Clare College UCS

About the UCS

[UCS Committee]

Put simply, it’s you–and all other students at Clare College. Everyone automatically becomes a member of the Union of Clare Students upon matriculating. The UCS, then, is the entire student body of Clare College. The UCS Executive  is made up of 12 elected undergraduates of Clare, each serving a different role.

The whole team is extremely approachable, so if you’ve got any questions or problems please feel free to contact us.

What does the UCS do?

Our job is to actively represent and defend the interests of all the students of Clare College. We sit on various college committees, and use our elected positions to try and gain the best for students. Sometimes this means preventing changes which could have detrimental effects on students (e.g. rent increases). But more often our role is a positive one – many of the facilities that Clare students enjoy are provided by the UCS – or by the college at its behest.

Is it important?

Yes! Without the firm backing and involvement of students, our capacity to act is dramatically weakened. If you want low rent, low food prices, good facilities – in short, a happy college – say so, and we’ll make it happen. Put simply, your duty is to make our lives difficult by pestering us as much as possible

Our Constitution

UCS Constitution 2016