Bikes + Lights and Helmet Fund

The most popular mode of transport in Cambridge! There are various places you can get second hand bikes, and lots of people find having a bike very useful. There are places to lock up your bike almost everywhere around Cambridge, including outside Memorial Court, Old Court and the Colony. One of the bike sheds outside Memorial Court has a locked gate for added security – be sure to ask the porters for the code to get access to it. You are not allowed to keep bikes in your room.

As a cyclist, make sure you have a helmet and head/tail lights at all times. Cycling without lights at night is illegal and you can be fined £30+! The College actually subsidises the purchase of helmets and lights, to the value of £20 towards a helmet and £10 towards lights per student (to claim for either, or both of these, you must submit a receipt to the Bursary within 2 months of your purchase, and the cost will be credited to your college bill).

Also make sure to always lock up your bikes properly with a good lock – bike thefts are very common in Cambridge.

See the infographic below and for more information about cycle theft prevention and how you can register your bike to help the police return it to you if it is stolen.


Everything in Cambridge should theoretically be in walking distance, and Cambridge can be a beautiful place to walk round – walking is often the most relaxing option.


Buses can be useful for getting to places further out, such as Addenbrooke’s Hospital or the Railway Station. There are multiple local Bus Services which are already fairly inexpensive, but there is also the University Bus, which takes you to most main sites for only £1 when you show your university card. See for more information on University Bus and its timetable.


You might need a taxi to travel to the station if you have lots of luggage: there are several cab companies, so you should be able to book one easily. There’s also a taxi rank near Christ’s. Otherwise, you’ll find you won’t really need to use them, even if going out at night, as Memorial Court, where Clare freshers live, is no more than a 10 minute walk from the town centre. If you need a taxi in an emergency situation, for example, to go to A&E, let the porters know, and they’ll help you!

Please refer to the taxi policy here:


Clare College doesn’t allow students to park their cars in the College parking lot. There are strict rules set by the University about students having cars in Cambridge (see http:// ).