Clare Goes Green


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Clare Goes Green was founded in 2019 following the realisation that despite the vast media coverage on sustainable lifestyle changes, the majority of people still have very little understanding of how the emissions caused by different parts of their lives compare with one another and influence their total carbon footprint.

Our aim is to show people clearly and simply how the different choices they make weigh up in terms of environmental impact, cutting through the misinformation about negligible issues like ‘vampire power’ lost to chargers that aren’t switched off when not in use.
Then, we encourage them to take the actions that the numbers say are the most significant in improving their impact,

We’re always looking for new members to get involved and anyone is welcome to come along and contribute to our meetings (advertised through our mailing list and Facebook Events). If you’re passionate about making a significant difference to Clare College’s environmental impact and carbon footprint – get in touch!

We run social media campaigns to inform students as well as events like Green Formals where we raise money for environmental causes. We have run votes among all Clare Students which resulted in the buttery transitioning to more sustainable food served at dinner times and ruminant meat being reduced to 1-2 times weekly. We had 60 students complete our January ‘VeganuClarey Challenge’ to reduce ruminant meat and dairy consumption in favour of more sustainable foods.
200 of our informative posters are now on display around Clare College, and several other colleges have now followed suit and put our resources up to inform their own students.


President – David Barton – dib29 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk