Safety Tips

Although Cambridge is generally a safe place to be, each year a number of students are robbed or assaulted. To try and prevent these unpleasant issues from arising, it is really important that you attend the introductory talks and workshops during Fresher’s Week. In addition, here are some general safety tips to follow.

  • Always lock your room. It has not been unknown for items to go missing. You will hear it many times and it is true: treat your room as if it were your home, and your door is your front door.
  • Always lock up your bike effectively as cycle thefts are extremely common.
  • When going out in the evening it is better to walk home with other people rather than alone.
  • Whatever your gender, do not be afraid to carry a personal attack alarm. These are pocked sized (often on a keyring), and can easily be purchased from the UCS women’s officer, Lottie Williams.
  • On a night out, it is a very good idea to keep £10 aside as emergency taxi money in the event that you have a bit too much to drink and lose track of your friends. In the same light, keep your phone charged.
  • If you are ever lost, feel unsafe, unwell or scared in town, the best thing to do is to head to the nearest Porters’ Lodge at any of the colleges at all and explain that you are a Clare student and explain your situation to them. The porters will arrange for a taxi to come and pick you up and drop you back at Clare safely and securely.
  • If you ever need to make an emergency trip to Addenbrooke’s Hospital and do not have enough to pay for a taxi, speak to the porters who can, depending on the situation, make the necessary arrangements.