Society funding

Who can apply for funding?

The UCS accepts funding applications from any club or society which are chiefly or exclusively run for Clare students. New and existing societies alike can receive funding from the UCS.

When do I apply for funding?

Applying for society funding is done in the first month of Michaelmas. Funding is given for a one year period running from the Lent term of one academic year to the Lent term of the next.

How do I apply for funding?

Look out for an email from the UCS Treasurer, which will be sent to all Clare students in Michaelmas term.

What information do I need to apply?

You will need to provide proof of expenditure such as a recent bank statement, proof of your current bank balance, and a completed “Society Funding Application Form” (the template for which will be included in the Treasurer’s email). Supporting evidence strengthens your application considerably.

If you don’t have a bank account for your society, contact the Treasurer for advice.

What happens during the application process?

The UCS Treasurer will review the information you submit, as well as that of other societies, and put together a provisional budget, which will be emailed to all Clare students. The Treasurer will then arrange via email to meet with each society to discuss their allocation. 

There will then be an open meeting chaired by the UCS Treasurer. At this meeting, all society organisers, treasurers and captains have the ability to speak up and explain why they are deserving of more funding then the UCS Treasurer has allocated them in the revised provisional budget.

How does the UCS allocate funding?

Allocations are made by the UCS Treasurer in discussion with the UCS President and Vice President. Funding is limited, so the UCS allocates funding based upon criteria. 

There are a few essential criteria that must be fulfilled before a society may apply for funding.

  • Societies must supply the information listed above upon request of the UCS Treasurer
  • Website information for the society should be up-to-date, and societies should contact the UCS President to arrange this
  • Societies must be open to all Clare students. Teams which are gender-specific are the exception to this rule. Sports teams and music groups should hold trials or auditions which are open to all, even if ultimately only the best candidates are chosen
  • The funding requested should be necessary for the running of the club

Additional criteria will make the UCS allocation group more inclined to provide more or less funding.

  • Societies which advertise for new members, such as on the Facebook group or at the Clare freshers’ fair, will be looked upon favourably
  • The UCS will fund essential costs (such as entry fees for leagues) before less essential costs (like refreshments)
  • Curriculum-based societies which do not offer anything to the wider student body may receive less funding. For example, a group working through questions from a particular tripos will receive less funding than a group hosting politics talks which, though beneficial to HSPS students, appeal to a general interest
  • Societies with higher costs per person might be advised to consider subscriptions to supplement UCS funding
  • Access and diversity projects undertaken by clubs will be rewarded with bonus funding
What should I do if my society needs emergency funding?

If you suddenly need additional funds for your society, please contact the UCS Treasurer to discuss your case.

What if I have further questions about the society funding process?

Please contact the UCS Treasurer to discuss. Their contact details can be found on the “Meet the Committee” page of this website.