Life at Clare

Life at Clare is a rich and fulfilling experience; one that will most likely never be bettered. To try and make your time at Clare simpler, this section of the UCS website will act as the source of all knowledge for undergraduates.


In first year you will all be living Memorial Court within different staircases (unless you are here on the MIT exchange programme). Some of you will have ensuite rooms, whilst others may have lounges or even both – whatever your room is like hopefully you will feel at home here! Second years and some third years live at another college site on Chesterton Road, called the Colony.


Here to help in many ways such as to keep you safe, aid fire evacuations, sign for packages, provide spare keys and help you replace lost id cards, answer queries and most importantly be a friendly face for a chat as you pass through college!


These lovely people will clean our gyp rooms (kitchens) and bathrooms daily (unless you have an ensuite), collect your rubbish on week days every day and clean your room once a week. The name “bedder” comes from the time in which these staff USED to make your bed for you. We are very lucky to have this service so please try to keep areas tidy especially on cleaning days to make their jobs much easier!


The Maintenance team are incredible! They have been known to respond to the most trivial of requests within minutes. Anything that is wrong in your room, staircase or in college can be reported to them from the blowing of a Iightbulb to an ant infestation. Maintenance request forms can be found at


This is not something you should worry about just yet. It is the system used to sort out your accommodation for your second year and beyond. This process is carried out in Lent term. Everyone will receive an individual ballot number which is then reversed the following year (so first choice in second year means last choice in third year). Before knowing your individual number, you may apply for rooms together in the same corridor/house as a group. The group average is taken and preferences are assigned according to ranks. Alternatively, you may decide to ballot individually instead. Question and answer sessions will be provided around this time for you. There will also be tours of second year rooms before the ballot.


Laundry facilities (washing machines, tumble dryers and ironing facilities) are available in Memorial Court, at The Colony, and in Old Court, for which you will need to bring your own washing powder. The washing machines cost £2 for which exact change is needed (10p and below is not accepted). Dryers cost 20p per 8 minutes.Getting into college at night

The safest way to make your way back to Memorial Court is via Old Court and across Queen’s Road (see below). The main gates are locked at 11pm (summer) and 10pm (winter). For Old Court there is an alleyway you can use your Camcard to enter through. This is a big black metal door located on the right about 30m before approaching Old court main gates. This alleyway will lead you into Old Court past the Chapel. You will need your Camcard again as you enter onto the bridge walkway and also as you approach the Backs and Queens’s Road. Make sure you use the pedestrian crossing lights here as cars can approach from out of nowhere – especially when you may be drunk and paying little attention. The traffic lights were only installed after a student was killed by a car on Queen’s Road some years ago. Finally enter Memorial Court via the side gates to X staircase using your Camcard as the main central gate, like Old Court, will be locked. Mission accomplished! These paths will be pointed out on the tours when you first arrive, so be sure to attend!

Camp Beds

There are foam mattresses available to borrow for guests staying overnight in your room. These can be signed out from the Porters’ Lodges and must be returned the following morning. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so the earlier in the day you go the more likely you are to get one. If you would like to borrow a camp bed for more than one night, you will need first to obtain permission from the Services Officer. Otherwise, if you keep the camp bed for longer than one night a £5 fee will be incurred.


A charge will be levied for incidents including:

  • Leaving your room in an unacceptable condition
  •  Holding an unauthorised staircase or room party (detailed later).
  • Failing to remove blu-tack after Senior Housekeeper’s written warning
  • Any damage to fabric, furnishings etc. of college rooms
  • Persistently having guests overnight without permission (charged per night).
  • An hourly charge, dependent upon the type of cleaning required, will be levied when shared areas and function rooms have been left in an unacceptable state. The Head Porter or Senior Housekeeper will inform the Dean if a student persists in creating a disturbance after being issued a warning.

Unauthorised items eg candles, electrical items, blow up furniture etc will be removed without notice and kept in storage until the end of term at the owner’s liability (not the College’s).  A notice will be left stating the item has been removed.

Fire Safety

For the college Fire Safety Regulations, see