Internet and Technology

Computing and Networks

Raven is the University central web authentication service. You should already have received your Raven username (your CRSid) and password, and you use them to log into web-based University services that need to identify you. For more information, see

Microsoft Exchange Online is the University’s email service for new starters, which you log into using your email address and Raven credentials at Your email address is in the format crsid [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk. Remember to check your email regularly as it will be your primary point of contact with supervisors, the college, your department, societies etc. about accessing email on your devices, UIS services and free Office software can be found at

Internet Access

Every room has a wired internet connection, and Ethernet cables can be obtained from the I.T. Office in O3. Wireless internet is also available everywhere in college (though the signal strength varies). In order to use them, a termly cost applies which is £34.[1]  This is an opt-out charge; if you don’t want a wired or wireless internet connection let the Bursary know within the first week, otherwise it will be assumed and added to your College Bill. Use is monitored, and illegal downloading is obviously forbidden. Peer-to-peer is also not allowed on the college network due to the heavy traffic it generates. Note that there is a £68 fine and an eight-week ban for people in breach of file sharing laws. There are two wireless networks you can connect to: eduroam, the main network for students, and UniOfCam, which is used by guests or for short-term use. Eduroam is recommended as you do not have to re-login every time you connect. Please note that to connect to eduroam you need your network access token, not your Raven password! Configuring eduroam is easy on most devices and instructions are available at

Computer Rooms

There are several computer rooms in Clare: two in the FML, one in X staircase , one in K staircase and one in M staircase as well as in the Hepple Room (Old Court) and the Colony. All the computer rooms have internet access and printers.


Printing in college costs 4p per side for black and white, and 14p per side for colour printing.[2]  To print you will need to top up your account online using your debit/credit card at You can also top up with cash at the University Information Service Reception (Roger Needham Building, West Cambridge Site). You can print from your own machine by downloading the DS- Print Papercut service from For more information on printing, scanning and copying, visit

Defensive Computing

You are expected to use up-to-date antivirus software on your own computer if you connect it to the University networks. You can download McAfee VirusScan for free at    Please also remember to make backups of your work (rather than suffer the pain of losing an important essay!)

Need help?

If you have any IT issues and need assistance, please feel free to email me at bc465 [at] clare [dot] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk or visit Please also email me with suggestions as to how our facilities could be improved.