University Counselling Service

The University runs a great, free counselling service to all students, which provides a great outlet for talking through problems with someone from outside of the college. Their mission statement states that they offer the following services to help students:

Counselling and mental health support – to students and staff, both individually and in groups, and, with strict regard to clients’ confidentiality, working in collaboration with colleges, the University and NHS provision.

Educational work – to help students and staff make the best personal use of the opportunities offered by the colleges and the University.

Preventive work – consultation, guidance and training to those with a pastoral role in the colleges and the University, and provision of general feedback and recommendations to help promote a healthy working environment for both students and staff.

For more information You may also find some of their self-help leaflets at or in Helen’s waiting room. You will also receive the Welfare Fresher’s Booklet which contains this information consolidated.

If you wish to arrange an appointment, you can go to and follow links there to book an appointment. The University Counselling Service is open Monday- Friday 9am-5pm and can be found at 2-3 Benet Place, Lensfield Road, Cambridge, CB2 1EL. Call 01223 332 865 for more information.


Linkline is a night-time anonymous and confidential listening support and information service for Cambridge University, run by students for students. Whatever’s on your mind, they can be called for support on 01223 744444, emailed at email [at] linkline [dot] org [dot] uk, Skype audio called at linkline.cambridge or use the Instant Messaging App on their website .They are open every night of full term from 7pm to 7am, the idea is that they operate when the University Counselling Service does not operate.

Some Key Links

[ERE1]Given nearly everyone has a smart phone you might want to take out the directions and simply list the address: Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 0QQ is a 20 minutes’ cycle or an hour’s walk from Memorial Court.  Alternatively, take the UNI4 bus from West Road (opposite Sidgewick site)…