Contemporary Chess


Clare College Contemporary Chess Club was founded to provide an intense, unforgiving and highly competitive space for all resident grandmasters of Clare College. We meet fortnightly for a thrilling evening of checks and mates; the specifics of which will be conveyed to your pidge should you be able to demonstrate evidence of possessing a FIDE rating of at least 2882. To maintain the intellectual rigour with which we fight the Battles of the Board copious refreshments are always supplied, you needn’t bring anything as gear is provided.

(social society, come and meet new people around college and get to know them over some food, drink and a game of chess)

Board of Directors:

King of Boards – Bobby Fischer

Queen of Pieces – Gary Kasparov

Bishop of Checks – Alireza Firouzja

Knight of Mates – Magnus Carlsen

Rook of Blunders – Rahcus Kelly (mak88)

History Society


Clare History Society is a relatively new but fast-growing society at Clare. We are open to students of all subjects not just those doing History so please get involved with us; there is no formal obligation for history society so pick and choose which events suit your interests best. We normally host a series of speakers throughout the year; previous speakers have included Clare’s own Dr John Guy, Lord John Sharkey and other members of the Cambridge History Faculty including Dr Hank Gonzalez. This year we plan to extend into careers talks, quizzes and social events. We can be found on Facebook where details of events and our term card can be found.
This year many of our events will be virtual so please look to the Facebook page for details of how these can be accessed.

Committee 2020/21:

Co-presidents this year are Cate and Abi, two second year history students. We’re here to deal with any and all history questions, queries or issues and we hope to meet as many history students/people interested in history as possible this year!


Cate Baxter cb2075 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk
Abi Eagles ase31 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

Christmas Fair


Clare Christmas Fair hoped to celebrate all things Christmas with gifts, classic Christmas fair games, a buffet of food, and a wonderful atmosphere right in the heart of the college for all Clare students, ending the night with a student-run pantomime.

However, due to COVID-19, we’ve had to alter our plans for our first-ever celebration. This does not mean we’re giving up! We have a few tricks up our sleeves to make sure everyone has a safe Christmas celebration at the college; but rest assured, next year, we’re coming with a BANG!


If you’d like to get involved in Clare college’s first-ever abridged X-mas Fair contact:

Sharon Owusu-Kyereh (so404 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk )

Ethan Pratt (ecp39 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk)



Hi, I’m Claire and I run the poker club. It’s a pretty chill club with a wide range of poker abilities from complete beginner to scarily good but everyone is welcome! People tend to join whenever they feel like it, but we usually manage about 10-12 players per session.

Our sessions don’t involve any actual money, instead we play for leaderboard points with an optional cash game at the end of term. We hold weekly in person sessions where we play a few rounds with snacks and drinks provided. However, due to the pandemic we may have to move things online where we’ll be playing games on an online platform with a voice/video chat to keep the banter going.


If you have any questions or would like to join us then email me at the email below.

Claire: cjr77 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

We look forward to seeing you all at our next session!!!

Clare Goes Green


Check out our website here:


Clare Goes Green was founded in 2019 following the realisation that despite the vast media coverage on sustainable lifestyle changes, the majority of people still have very little understanding of how the emissions caused by different parts of their lives compare with one another and influence their total carbon footprint.

Our aim is to show people clearly and simply how the different choices they make weigh up in terms of environmental impact, cutting through the misinformation about negligible issues like ‘vampire power’ lost to chargers that aren’t switched off when not in use.
Then, we encourage them to take the actions that the numbers say are the most significant in improving their impact,

We’re always looking for new members to get involved and anyone is welcome to come along and contribute to our meetings (advertised through our mailing list and Facebook Events). If you’re passionate about making a significant difference to Clare College’s environmental impact and carbon footprint – get in touch!

We run social media campaigns to inform students as well as events like Green Formals where we raise money for environmental causes. We have run votes among all Clare Students which resulted in the buttery transitioning to more sustainable food served at dinner times and ruminant meat being reduced to 1-2 times weekly. We had 60 students complete our January ‘VeganuClarey Challenge’ to reduce ruminant meat and dairy consumption in favour of more sustainable foods.
200 of our informative posters are now on display around Clare College, and several other colleges have now followed suit and put our resources up to inform their own students.


President – David Barton – dib29 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk


Clare LitSoc


Clare College Literary and Writing Society is an inclusive and informal society centered around a love of both discussing and producing literature. We meet once every two weeks and discuss a topic over wine and cheese. This year, we will be hosting our usual meetings over zoom to make sure that anyone who would like to come is able to. If there’s a topic that you would like to discuss over the next term, feel free to submit any suggestions!

We also hope to get together for a few events per term where we will be able to meet in person, with speakers or other colleges (although this will be dependent on coronavirus policies).


President: Grace Pollard (gap39[at]cam[dot]ac[dot]uk)

Clare GEM Society (Gender Equality Movement)


Clare GEM – Gender Equality Movement – is the College’s feminism and equality society, open to all Clare members, regardless of gender. The society encourages debate on issues relating to gender, equality, diversity and intersectionalism, and seeks to provide an open and welcoming place to explore these questions. This page will publicise GEM events and post links to relevant articles.

Clare GEM welcomes all to discussions, fundraising events and formals for women’s charities and advocacy groups. 


 Like our facebook page (@gemclarecollege) to keep updated with our termly events and discussions!

 If you are a member of Clare, please also join our group: For more information, please contact the president, Victoria Grennan (vg332 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

Cutty Sark Investment Society


The Clare College Cutty Sark Investment Society (CCCSIS) was founded in 2016 by an alumnus of Clare who, having become disillusioned with the disproportionately few women in the finance industry, decided to found the society with a generous donation of £70,000 to start a portfolio. The aim is, through allowing students to manage this portfolio entirely risk-free, to introduce women to the intricacies of finance, build up skills and therefore the confidence to apply and succeed in finance.

In addition to investing, we also organise guest speaker events and networking opportunities with the intention to promote and make investment accessible to women from all academic fields. Our meetings are usually on a Sunday afternoon and are open to all female/non-binary people. No prior knowledge or experience is needed to be able to join; the committee provides teaching points each week to help new and existing members learn.


President: Wen Yeh Lee (wyl41)

Vice-President: Sophie Yaxley McLellan (sy386)