Places of Worship

The Chapel is a nice place to go and find some peace and space, and is always open to those of any religion or none.


The CU Buddhist Society’s website is The Cambridge City Buddhist Society is on 32 Green’s Road and the Cambridge Buddhist Centre is on 38 Newmarket Road.


Cambridge has one of the highest numbers of churches per square mile in Britain, so there are churches to suit many branches of Christianity. In College, we have the beautiful Chapel, which has regular services. There is a university-wide Cambridge University Christian Union ( and our own Clare Christian Union.


The University Hindu Cultural Society website is There is a mandir at the Indian Community and Culture Association ( just off Mill Road.


St. Columba’s Church Hall on Downing Street is where most students congregate for Friday prayers. The Abu Bakr Jamia Mosque can be found on Mill Road. For everyday prayers, there is a prayer room on the Sidgwick Site behind the Criminology Department, where Dhikr and Tajweed usually take place.


Beth Shalom Reform Synagogue is located for the moment in the Rank Room, Wesley House, Jesus Lane (see Cambridge Traditional Congregation and Cambridge University Jewish Society are located at 3 Thompson’s Lane. Furthermore, Egalitarian Friday night services to which all are welcome are held by Egalmin every week at Queens’, but with a strong Clare contingent. There is a friendly and welcoming Chabad House near the Colony on Thompson’s Lane (http:// Clare also has its own Jewish Society.


There is now a gurudwara in Cambridge at 150 Arbury Road. See their website ( for more details. The CUSikh Society website is They put on Diwali events and formals as well as gurdwara trips.