Jewish Society (Stars of David Attenborough)

Clare’s Jewish Society, last year renamed to ‘Stars of David Attenborough’ (SODA) runs events throughout the year celebrating Jewish festivals, welcoming both Jewish and non-Jewish students. From the Bridge-mukkah candle lighting (celebrating Chanukah in the month of November), to our raucous Purim party, to cheesecake making on Shavout, SODA events aim to provide a relaxed, casual atmosphere where Jewish students can celebrate their identity and non-Jewish students can have a taste of Jewish life! As well as celebrating festivals, SODA is also here to help Jewish students with any queries they may have regarding balancing festivals and work, provision of Kosher food and any other problems or questions they may have. The society is here for all Jewish students, reform or orthodox, observant or not. For anyone interested in the society please Jake Gilbey (jsg57) or Jesse Anthony (jeca2) and we’ll add you to the Facebook group and be happy to answer any questions you may have. (PS getting involved in SODA will guarantee you have a kvelling mother, schlepping nachas about how their child maintains their heritage at university!)