Cutty Sark Women’s Investment Fund

The Clare College Cutty Sark Investment Society (CCCSIS or Cutty Sark for short), is a society aimed to prepare women for suitable investment careers and to educate its members on how to look after their savings.

As active investors, we invest our £70,000 fund in global equities and equity funds. We take the FTSE World Index as the index for our fund. Any profit we make is shared between the Nicholas Hammond Foundation and the Cutty Sark Fund.

In addition to investing, we also organise guest speaker events and networking opportunities with the intention to promote and make investment accessible to women from all academic fields.

Our meetings are usually on a Sunday afternoon in Memorial Court. No prior knowledge or experience is needed to be able to join; the committee provides teaching points each week to help new and existing members learn.

Facebook group: Cutty Sark Investment Society

Contact: Numtip Techa (tt394 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk)