Clare Orientation & Identity


Welcome to COI: Clare’s very own LGBT+ Society: representing all colours of the rainbow since Dorothy got back to Kansas.

We host and run our own events and campaigns in and around Clare, and also help keep you in the know about all things LGBT+ in the wider Cambridge vicinity. Drop us an email to sign up to our newsletters, or for more up-to-date information, drop us a like on Facebook, or you can also join our private Facebook Group. (Search for COI – Clare Orientation and Identity)

We also are here for the Welfare of LGBT+ folk at Clare. We are able to offer sexual health advice and protection, and also point you towards other sources for support such as the college nurse, counselling services and sexual health clinics.

The LGBT+ Officer and president of the society, Dani, is always happy to help with any questions, worries or even there just to have a chat, however serious or small the matter may be, and with any discussions always being completely confidential. Dani can be reached either on Facebook or via email: db713 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

We want COI to be something that anyone would feel comfortable to join, regardless of their orientation or their identity. We are simply a society here for those who feel they do not conform to heteronormative standards.

If you have any comments, questions or potential puns related to COI, please don’t hesitate to email us at: ucs-lgbt [at] srcf [dot] net