There are 3 ‘Bops’ a term in Clare held in Cellars. These are themed nights, an excellent chance to get dressed up with everyone else in college, hear some great music, have some drinks and a dance! There is the bar, a special shots bar, free cloakroom and often theme-related entertainment. A great way to have a good night out without even leaving college!
Make sure to be at the first ‘Disney Bop’ to meet the rest of the college.
Make sure you get yourself a bop season ticket from the Freshers’ Fair to save yourself money paying on the door. Next theme to be released soon!

Trips to the ADC
Why not get together with a few friends for a trip to the ADC theatre? Selected tickets will be available through the UCS.

Themed Formals
Themed formals are an interesting turn on normal formal hall- you get to dress up and are served theme-related food! A great way to socialise, and the party is continued in cellars!