UCS Goals for the Term Ahead

• To organise and conduct a successful exchange with Oriel College, our sister college from the University of Oxford. We’ll hopefully be going over this term, and hosting our Oxonian friends in Lent

• To revise and update the UCS Constitution, including reforming the way that welfare, gender and sexuality issues are accommodated for both on and off the UCS Executive Committee, as well as giving the First Year Rep a vote

• To look into buying a new pool table for Cellars given that the old one is now pretty run down

• To organise a buttery feedback form so that the buttery serves us according to what we would like

• To review the room balloting system, potentially with an Open Meeting so that students can have their say

• To organise most probably for the beginning of Lent staircase meals that see occupiers of a staircase both old and new come together