Renewal of the UCS Constitution

Following a referendum of students, the changes to the UCS Constitution was passed, meeting the requirements of two ‘yes’ votes to every ‘no’ vote. As such, it was taken to Governing Body to be ratified, and I’m pleased to say that the Fellowship was happy to do so.

Some of the changes were ones that should have taken place alongside old Constitutional amendments (the document was a little confused I’m afraid!) but here is an outline of the more significant amendments:

  • The removal of the Welfare Officer and the Women’s Officer, and in their stead the addition of a Male Welfare Officer, a Female Welfare Officer, and a Non-Executive Women’s Officer (i.e. a position off the UCS Executive Committee and elected by and from the self-defining women of Clare undergraduates)
  • The addition of a Charities Rep, to organise and provide support for charity work within Clare
  • The addition of a Bike Rep (who in fact existed before, but is now proudly enshrined in our Constitution!)
  • The provision for a vote on the Executive Committee for the First Year Officer

Do let me know if you have any questions about any of these changes, or if you’d like me to explain the more minor ones to you! We very much hope that they serve to better the function of the UCS as it strives to improve the lives of students!