Progress on UCS Goals

A successful exchange was had at Oriel College, Oxford. Next term will see our Oriel friends coming to Clare for what will hopefully be as much fun as our trip to Oriel

• An Open Meeting was had on welfare and gender representation and consequently a referendum will take place next term on the matter

• It was decided that the costs were too great to justify the purchase of a new pool table given that the faults of the old one are not too significant

• A buttery feedback form was organised successfully, with a great many responses from the student body that can help the Catering Department continue to improve

• Following an Open Meeting, a referendum on the balloting system was held, with a strong result in favour of change; the proposal will be presented to College Council at the start of next term

• Next term we are hoping to spend money from the Parents’ Fund to buy new equipment for the Colony Gym

• Terri Yoon was elected as the First Year Officer, so many congratulations to her!

A very Merry Christmas to you all from the UCS Exec, wishing you well for the vacation and the New Year