Freshers Week

I’m thrilled to look back on Freshers’ Week this year, though certainly sad to see that it has finally come to an end! Then again, one more day and the UCS Exec might have just collapsed…

The freshers arrived, fresh-faced, on Saturday 5th October to a swarm of helpers, in yellow t-shirts (college pride and all that) both from the UCS Exec, from the Christian Union and some others who just fancied lifting luggage out of cars packed to the brim. Once the freshers had eaten lunch, taken a few tours around their new home and bought their gowns (with its three stripes in remembrance of the three deceased husbands of Lady Clare) it was time to find their “college parents”! The system of college families allows freshers to have a couple/threesome of second years to turn to for advice about living and studying at Clare.

The meals seemed a great success, with the entire year of freshers and almost the entire year of second years, with some older students too, being involved. The JCR, or “Cellars”, was the natural progression, and I have never seen it more alive than that night.

Disney BOP

Hopefully no-one was too hung-over when it came to being introduced as a new year to the UCS Exec, the infamous Clare Ents Committee, and various other representatives of the college’s various parts. The Clare Societies Fair was one of my personal favourites over the week: everything from Clare Sound to Clare Politics, there was something for everyone; the Great Hall packed full of sports and the Buttery, well, everything else. Other highlights of the week included the Disney Bop, which went down an absolute treat with freshers and older students alike, staircase meals, taster sessions with various college societies, and, though sadly I couldn’t attend a second time, Matriculation Dinner. Having said that, plenty of non-freshers were happy to take advantage of the university-wide societies fair, if not just to get a free slice of Domino’s pizza!

From speed dating to a charity quiz, I’m pleased to say that the whole thing was a great success. So here’s to more clubbing, more study skills and the amazing year ahead!