Exchange with Oriel College 01/11/13

For over 800 years, there has been kept a dark, dark secret. It is feared by all true Cantabrigians, but unfortunately they are all starkly aware of it deep down… There is, in fact, a university in this country that has a history nearly as rich as ours, and a reputation comparable. I am, of course, referring to the other place.

Rivalry has been rampant ever since the Fordies kicked out the best and brightest of their town and watched them found a greatly superior institution here in the Fens. Such rivalry is justified further within Clare ever since Hugh Latimer, a dear Fellow of our College, was, er, burned in Ox***d.

The last few years have seen our sisterhood with Oriel College, also founded in 1326, sadly neglected. It therefore gives me great pleasure to inform you that this sisterhood was merrily (perhaps too merrily for some) reaffirmed last Friday by a visit to Oriel.



32 Clare students made their way over by coach for a drinks reception and black tie dinner, followed by a couple of hours in Oriel’s college bar. The rules of “Pennying” in the other place are reversed (you can only penny when someone IS holding their glass), they call supervisions “tutorials” and they punt from the WRONG end, but never mind.

In spite of bad weather (upsettingly ruining our hopes of a college tour), I think it is safe to say that everyone on both our end and on the Oxonian end had an absolutely joyous time.

We’re all very much looking forward to welcoming our Fordie friends in Lent Term (or “Hilary”, as they say), and to future successful exchanges, perhaps eventually with some friendly sporting rivalry too. Hopefully given that Clare has just won for the second time running the intercollegiate Culinary Competition we can give them a formal that rivals theirs!