Balloting Changes

The snowdrops are fading, the wintry harshness is waning and the mornings are getting lighter… that’s right, it’s balloting season again! As you may have heard, the system is slightly different this year to previous years. If you’re a second year, you know the system from last year and everything’s exactly the same as that. If you’re a first year, things are a bit different to last year, but that’s purely academic since you weren’t here last year!

If you’re a first year, you may be wondering how the whole thing works. In a nutshell, balloting takes place in two stages: the group ballot, which takes place within the next couple of weeks, and the individual ballot which takes place next term.

For the group ballot, you can get together with your friends and apply for certain places around college as a single group, which means you’re guaranteed to live with your friends. Which group gets what is decided by the average ballot number of the people in each group: if two competing groups go for the same place, the group with the highest average ballot number gets it. As a first year you won’t yet know your ballot number, but you’ll be given these after all the group balloting is finished.

Then in Easter term, everyone who didn’t want to be in a group (and possibly any group that was unsuccessful) goes into the individual ballot. In this you’ll have a selected time at some to visit Housekeeping in N1, and you’ll choose a room out of whatever in college is still available. This is done in order of ballot number: those with the highest go in first.

If any of that wasn’t clear, I’ll be giving a talk about it in the LCR at some point next week. Or you can email me (rare2) and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.