Society Funding

Applying for Society Funding is always done in the first month or so of Michaelmas. The process by which societies apply for funding consists of: filling in a “Society Funding Application Form” and then attending the open meeting chaired by the UCS Treasurer. At this meeting, all society organisers, treasurers and captains have the ability to speak up and explain why they are deserving of more funding then the UCS Treasurer has allocated them. The allocation of society funding is never simple, and as such there are a few criteria that must be fulfilled before a society may apply for funding.

Criteria for a funding application

  • Societies must supply the UCS Treasurer with a recent bank statement
  • Societies must fill in the funding application form
  • Website information for the society must be up to date
  • Societies must be open to all members of Clare, except where teams are gender specific

If everyone does their application correctly, then everything will be simple and all society captains, organisers and treasurers will be happy.

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