Sports Results: 27 Feb 14

Team Against Result Comments
Clare Squash 1 King's College School 3-2 win! Into the Cuppers quarter finals with a last ditch win from Peter Martin! C.W. Thom
Clare College (Tennis) Fitzwilliam College 7-2 Convincing victory in the 2nd round of Cuppers! Singles1: 8-1 (Clare) Singles2: 6-1 (Clare) Singles3: 6-1 (Clare) Singles4: 7-5 (Clare) Singles5: 1-6 (Fitz) Singles6: 7-5 (Clare) Doubles1: 8-2 (Clare) Doubles2: 6-1 (Clare) Doubles3: 2-8 (Fitz) J.L.Y. Tan
Mixed Netball Churchill Won 20-6 Ollie Russell