UCS Website and Feedback

Dear All,

I thought I’d take a minute to explain some of features now present on the UCS Website since its redevelopment this summer.

The most important section for undergrads is definitely the ‘Life at Clare’ pages.

Here you can find information about all of the different societies that are being run at Clare along with contact details for the person in charge of the society. For those in charge of a sports society there is a sports results page for you to let the rest of college know how you got on.

Under ‘Life at Clare’ there is also a page which contains ‘useful links’ for Clare Students. Here you can conduct a search of the FML; book a formal on upay; check your email on hermes and access the rooms database.

If you need to send an email to the undergraduate body the simplest way is to use the ‘Email Undergraduates’ page which, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, is also under the Life at Clare section of the website. Once you’ve submitted your email it will be sent to either myself (the Secretary) or the President for moderation.

If you’ve been to formal or buttery and want to give feedback on the food, service or the general ambiance submit the form on the ‘Catering Feedback’ Page. Any menu changes or food suggestions that you have would be very much welcomed by the catering department and could lead to changes as to what is offered by the catering team.

There is a calendar which automatically includes facebook events which are created by the UCS, Clare Ents, the bar etc. If you have an event you would like to advertise on the calendar email the computer rep (jj379 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk) or myself (ucs-secretary [ at ] srcf [ dot ] net)

The ‘News’ section will be updated regularly by the UCS exec with details of UCS projects and events that have been run. It will also be open for undergrads to post about college projects they have been working on. If you would like to submit an item to go on the ‘News’ section of the website email: ucs-secretary [ at ] srcf [ dot ] net

Another area of the website which you might want to visit is the ‘The Committee’ section. The weekly minutes from committee meetings will be posted on here.

Another new section which has been added to the website is the ‘social’ pages. Photos from College Bops will be posted in this section. The photos are raven login protected and so no one outside of the University will be able to access them.

Finally, I would really welcome any feedback that you may have about the new website. Suggestions for new additions such as links or pages, sections would be particularly helpful. To provide feedback send me an email  at  ucs-secretary [ at ] srcf [ dot ] net .

Freshers’ Welcome

Congratulations on getting a place at Cambridge! I’m delighted to welcome you to Clare College, a truly wonderful place in which to live, study and socialise. It may feel daunting at the moment, but I have no doubt that you will find Clare not only intellectually stimulating and rewarding but also hugely enjoyable.
My name is Harry Peto and I’m YOUR President of Clare College. This means I lead a fantastic group of people (the Union of Clare Students Executive Committee) who strive to improve the lives of everyone at Clare, and have been working very hard to organise Freshers’ Week. I’m sure you will enjoy it; please try to relax and remind yourself that you don’t have to make a hundred new friends a day! We have compiled this guide to help you settle into Clare as smoothly as possible. It contains a wealth of important information about living and studying at Clare. Our fundamental aim is to emphasise that Clare is an incredible environment bursting with lovely people, and to get you excited for your time at Clare and in Cambridge!
Clare will be your home for the next few years – the place where you’ll work, eat, relax, socialise, and sleep – and it’s important for you to be aware of the extensive network of support available in helping you to make the very most of this great opportunity. A vital part of this is your “college parents”, whom you should hear from very soon. They have already been at Clare for at least a year and remember exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes. One of them will study your subject and they will cook you and your “college sibling”, another fresher, a meal on your first night as well as continue to be a source of support for however long you need it.
So while you’re waiting to arrive, do give this a read and get pumped for the time of your life! Clare is indeed a buzzing community, full of diverse individuals, each with their own attitudes, opinions and beliefs, yet tied together by a fundamental tolerance and appreciation of others. Crucially, Clare is not for any one “type” of person, and its nickname “the friendly college” is not mere propaganda. Anyway, you don’t need me to tell you this; you’ll discover it for yourself the moment you arrive!
My ultimate goal is to ensure your happiness and wellbeing. So, if you have any questions at all, or if you understandably just can’t contain your excitement any longer, please feel free to get in touch by email (hp342 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk), by phone (07580553393), or on Facebook 🙂
I very much look forward to meeting you all in a few weeks’ time!


Freshers’ Info

I’m sure everyone in Clare is starting to get excited for the arrival of the new freshers at Clare. To help everyone out, here is a pdf of the Fresher’s Booklet. Inside you can find all sorts of information, whether it be the timetable for Fresher’s Week, some information about who all the senior staff at Clare are or if you’re unsure of what to bring when you pack for your first term at University.

Hopefully all of the soon to be new arrivals are as excited for coming to Clare as the older years are for meeting you all.

Freshers’ Booklet


Student spending proposals

Dear all,

For a variety of (legitimate – I promise!) reasons the UCS Executive account is particularly healthy this year. We feel that, given that one of our primary responsibilities is to action the ideas of the students, a budgetary surplus should be spent, as opposed to sitting in a negligible interest-earning account with N&P, should sound ideas be posited.

As such, we invite you to send us any spending proposals that you may have, however trivial you may think they are. Ideas can be financially insignificant (like a tea-pot for the LCR, for example) or require considerable expenditure. There is no fixed budgetary ‘ceiling’, as such, but ideas costing more than around £6000 are unlikely to be feesible. The Exec will review all ideas and, should money be scare given the suggestions, the student body will vote on the proposals. You may, of course, submit ideas unanimously by putting your ideas in my pigeon hole.

PLEASE NOTE: Vague and un-costed proposals will be rejected immediately. We don’t have time to research each item extensively – that’s your job! Please provide as much detail as you can i.e. rationale, detailed product specifications, exact costings, sources (where to buy etc.), delivery times. A LINK TO THE WEBSITE IS ESSENTIAL, should a website exist. In essence, the Exec need to be able to make an informed yes/no decision given your proposal and then order without any additional research.

This is such a fantastic opportunity to improve the student experience at Clare. Due to Mohsin’s exceptional management of the budget, we are in a rather privileged and unique position. My personal thanks to him for doing such a excellent job.

We will be accepting spending proposals until Friday 8th March. Please e-mail them to me (ft260) and GET THINKING!

A formal and more detailed ‘what to include in your proposal’ shall be circulated shortly.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the usual mediums.

Have a lovely day,