Football – Women’s

Clare Women’s Football Team is open to women with absolutely any level of skill (or lack of!) at any point in the term. We have players that play for the university team and also players who had never played a game of football before joining. It’s fun and friendly.

We have games every weekend in Michaelmas and Lent terms, usually on Saturday at 2pm. Games last around 40-60 minutes.

We have a full team kit, shin pads and football boots for everyone so no equipment is required. Just bring yourself.

Details of games are posted on the Facebook group weekly:

Captain: Laura Minoli (lbm27 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk)

Any questions? Please do email me, I’d love to answer them.

Clare Politics


Clare Politics is one of the largest non-partisan politics societies at the university. The goal of the society is to bring the leading figures from the world of politics and current affairs to Clare to discuss pertinent contemporary issues. All of our events are free and open to the students, fellows, staff and the public alike. In the last year we have hosted such speakers as the American, Swiss and Palestinian Ambassadors, Norman Lamb MP, Lord McNally, Philip Collins and Bridget Kendall.

For a full list of speakers (both past and upcoming) and more detailed information in general, please visit our external website:


Events take place every one to two weeks. They usually start at 8.45pm, are held on any evening between Monday and Thursday, and last for one hour split equally between a speech from the guest and questions from the audience. There is always free wine and cheese before the talk and entry is free to all. Each event is put up on Facebook with the exact details specified there, so the best way to keep up-to-date is to like our Facebook page:


You can apply for a position on the Executive Committee (President, Vice-President/Treasurer [joint role], Secretary, Publicity), on the Speakers Committee (5 places), or as our Freshers Rep (1 place) in Easter Term. It’s a great way to meet high-profile and interesting speakers and hear what they have to say. In return for their work organising the year’s events, the Executive Committee can attend dinner (fully-paid) with every speaker in every term and the Speakers Committee and Freshers Rep can attend one dinner (fully-paid) each term as well as the dinner of any speakers they personally invited.


Ian Johnston (icj21 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk)


Freshers’ Info

I’m sure everyone in Clare is starting to get excited for the arrival of the new freshers at Clare. To help everyone out, here is a pdf of the Fresher’s Booklet. Inside you can find all sorts of information, whether it be the timetable for Fresher’s Week, some information about who all the senior staff at Clare are or if you’re unsure of what to bring when you pack for your first term at University.

Hopefully all of the soon to be new arrivals are as excited for coming to Clare as the older years are for meeting you all.

Freshers’ Booklet


CCK Rugby


CCK was established to provide an enjoyable, easy going experience for all members of Clare, Corpus and Kings who want participate in rugby at the college level, regardless of ability. We play weekly in the division 2 league throughout Michaelmas and Lent terms and then in an inter college cuppers at the end of Lent. We look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to be involved.


Matthew Pettit: mhp30 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk



Clare Growers

The information here may be outdated so please contact bt349 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk for more up to date details/contact address of the president.


The Clare Growers’ Group run the student allotment; we produce fruits and vegetables each term and meet up roughly once a week to tend to the plants. Growers’ is a sociable, relaxing and casual society open to everyone of all skill levels, if you want a chance to get outside and take a therapeutic break from study, Growers’ is a fun way to do so. Last year we provided Clare May Ball with mint for their cocktails and we hope to produce an even greater harvest this year.


Charlotte Dunn: ckd25 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

Joe Landman: jl832 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk


The information here may be outdated so please contact bt349 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk for more up to date details/contact address of the president.


Clare has a joint basketball team with Trinity Hall. We train for an hour a week and have a match against another college most weeks. We have a large range of abilities in the team already, so you’re welcome to join us regardless of ability or experience!


Alex Chen: ac873 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk



The information here may be outdated so please contact bt349 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk for more up to date details/contact address of the president.


Clare RATS was founded in 1986 and has been introducing Clare students to the wonderful (if often wet and windy) world of British climbing and trekking ever since. The Peak District, North Wales and the Lakes have been regular locations for our trips. These trips tend to include a mixture of walking and either bouldering, sport climbing or trad climbing, although caving and alpine climbing in the Alps have also been organised. Our trips cater to a range of abilities and newcomers are always welcome! The size of the club varies year on year, and consequently the number of trips we run depends on demand, as well as our success in locating kind individuals with a cars!

The club runs a weekly bouldering session at the Kesley Kerridge Sports center wall which is from 8-10pm on Monday evenings.


Clare Hunter Funnell. I am a third year HSPS student who’s been climbing for about five years. I started my climbing through The Climbing Academy Youth Squad in Bristol, and bouldering is still my favorite form of climbing (although sport and trad are growing on me!). My favorite UK climbing destination is probably the Peak, and I enjoy getting outside onto real rock during term time as Kelsey Kerridge is pretty limited to say the least!

Freshers Events:

We will hopefully be putting on a freshers picnic to meet anyone who is keen to join up. Afterwards we will head to Kelsey Kerridge for those who want to try it out, or just see how to get there.


Student Investment Fund (CCSIF)

The Clare College Student Investment Fund (CCSIF) is a society for learning about finance and investing in an informal and relaxed environment. This means no prior knowledge is needed to be able to contribute, and we also hold teaching points to help new and existing members.

As a society we invest a £70,000 portion of the college’s endowment focusing mainly on FTSE350 stocks. In the past we have performed well, including a 16% increase in value in 2016, compared to the FTSE100 which only rose by 6%.

We hold meetings on Sunday afternoons, usually at 3.30, in the Elton-Bowring room by X staircase in Memorial Court.

Facebook group:

President: Al Harding (agh47 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk)


Amnesty International (Human Rights Society)


Amnesty International is the world’s largest human rights organisation and we campaign as part of that movement to promote human rights to members of Cambridge University and to end specific human rights abuses. Members meet once a week to organise university-wide campaigns, write urgent action letters, fundraise and sign petitions. Every and any student is welcome to volunteer, attend an event, write a letter, to gather signatures for a petition…to be a part of Cambridge Amnesty is simply to give a care about human rights.



Laura Bates (New Hall College): lb658 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk

amnesty Amnesty