Student spending proposals

Dear all,

For a variety of (legitimate – I promise!) reasons the UCS Executive account is particularly healthy this year. We feel that, given that one of our primary responsibilities is to action the ideas of the students, a budgetary surplus should be spent, as opposed to sitting in a negligible interest-earning account with N&P, should sound ideas be posited.

As such, we invite you to send us any spending proposals that you may have, however trivial you may think they are. Ideas can be financially insignificant (like a tea-pot for the LCR, for example) or require considerable expenditure. There is no fixed budgetary ‘ceiling’, as such, but ideas costing more than around £6000 are unlikely to be feesible. The Exec will review all ideas and, should money be scare given the suggestions, the student body will vote on the proposals. You may, of course, submit ideas unanimously by putting your ideas in my pigeon hole.

PLEASE NOTE: Vague and un-costed proposals will be rejected immediately. We don’t have time to research each item extensively – that’s your job! Please provide as much detail as you can i.e. rationale, detailed product specifications, exact costings, sources (where to buy etc.), delivery times. A LINK TO THE WEBSITE IS ESSENTIAL, should a website exist. In essence, the Exec need to be able to make an informed yes/no decision given your proposal and then order without any additional research.

This is such a fantastic opportunity to improve the student experience at Clare. Due to Mohsin’s exceptional management of the budget, we are in a rather privileged and unique position. My personal thanks to him for doing such a excellent job.

We will be accepting spending proposals until Friday 8th March. Please e-mail them to me (ft260) and GET THINKING!

A formal and more detailed ‘what to include in your proposal’ shall be circulated shortly.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the usual mediums.

Have a lovely day,