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Cambridge Lettuce Club

One of the oldest and most traditional societies in Cambridge, steeped in mystery and met with awe. While the aim of the society can be summed up as “eat lettuce faster than everyone else to become the new leader”, the true meaning of this society cannot be explained by mere words, only the experience of attending the AGM. So come along and lettuce show you the power and importance of lettuce.

If you want to find out more contact Mat Best (mb2140 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk) or visit us at the Clare freshers’ fair.

Clare Cake Club

2017 will be the inaugural year for Clare Cake Club. We hope it to be a very casual society for baking and/or pudding lovers – from both the undergraduate and graduate communities – to share bakes and eat. In Michaelmas, we will watch the Great British Bake Off on Tuesdays in the MCR with an opportunity to share your bakes. We will also have additional cake/baking-themed events – so do look out for announcements, including a Welcome event early in the year. Events will continue in Lent term, and there’s the opportunity to help organise The Great Clare Bake Off to be held in Easter term. We also look forward to hearing your suggestions on events. Do contact either Navin or Kasia if you are interested.


Navin Ramakrisha (nr384 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk)

Kasia Brzezinska (kwb21 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk)

Jewish Society

Clare’s Jewish Society runs events throughout the year celebrating Jewish festivals, welcoming both Jewish and non-Jewish students. One example was last year’s cheesecake making party on Shavout that was enjoyed by all attendees! As well as celebrating festivals, Clare JSoc is also here to help Jewish students with any queries they may have regarding balancing festivals and work, provision of Kosher food and any other problems or questions they may have. The society is here for all Jewish students, reform or orthodox, observant or not. For anyone interested in the society please contact any of Dan Benson (db687), Jake Gilbey (jsg57) or Danny Wittenberg (drw43) and we’ll add you to the Facebook group and be happy to answer any questions you may have.