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Sports Results: 21 Nov 13

Team Against Result Comments
Lacrosse Jesus 6-1 (loss) They're by far the best team in the league (most of their players play for the uni), so we did well to keep the scoreline under control. Olly Freeman scored our one goal from within Clare's half of the pitch. It was sick – but then I would say that, because I'm Olly. But srsly, it was sick
Lacrosse Jesus 1-6 lost. By a lot. But they are the best team in uni. By a long way. Like, at least 70% of their team are uni players. For real. But Olly Freeman (the handsome old guy who's captain
Clare Football I Downing II 6 – 1
Clare (Tennis) Trinity Hall 1 (Tennis) Clare def Trinity Hall 1 (6-3) Singles1: 6-3 6-2 (to Clare), Singles2: 6-2 (to Clare), Singles3: 6-2 (to Clare), Singles4: 1-6 (to Tit Hall1), Singles5: 3-6 (to Tit Hall1), Singles6: 6-1 (to Clare), Doubles1: 3-6 (to Tit Hall1), Doubles2: 6-2 (to Clare), Doubles3: 6-1 (to Clare)
Mixed Netball Catz II 11-2 First win of the season!!!

Sports Results: 14 Nov 13

Team Against Result Comments
Clare I Jesus II 4-1 May be good on water but not so much on a football pitch
Clare I Churchill II 6 – 1 OHHH YESSS
Clare I CCCC 2-0 3rd consecutive victory in Div 3
Clare I Peterhouse 5 -0 Success in the first round of Cuppers, bring on Darwin
Clare Mixed Netball Johns 7-7 At last not a loss!