Clare Best & Worst Bits

The best bits of Clare

The people!
Clare is not for any particular ‘type’ of person. There are no stereotypes and the students here come from a diverse range of backgrounds. This is what makes it such a great place. The ‘friendly college’ tag line is not merely propaganda: people here are genuinely nice and willing to help each other out. During my fresher’s week at Clare I met the friendliest, nicest people I’d ever met in such a short space of time!

Central location
Clare is perfectly located. It’s close enough to the city centre that you can walk to lectures, the shops and back from a night out, but avoids the tourist traffic from Kings and Trinity College.

Beautiful buildings and gardens
Clare might not be as famous as Kings next door but it definitely has its own charms and is rich in its history. The gardens really come into their own during the summer.

Social life
Clare is known to be a sociable College and they’ll always be someone willing to join you on a night out, however you want to spend your evening, whether that’s hitting the clubs, room parties, Clare Ents, catching up in one of the local pubs, midnight punting or curling up in front of a film!

Societies and Clubs
Clare has a ridiculous number of sports clubs and societies, which are open to members of all abilities from complete beginners to England players. Many of the sports teams enjoyed success this year, with Clare Women’s Boat Club being particularly successful in 2012/13! Clare Politics invites famous political speakers in to speak at College. Clare Actors is one of the most successful and well-funded college drama societies in Cambridge. For a full list of societies see here.

Clare has a strong tradition in music, and has a large number of hugely talented musicians. Whatever your music tastes there’s something on offer for everyone from Clare Jazz to CCMS (Clare College Music Society) to CAMS (Clare Alternative Music Society) to the world-renowned Clare Choir. But don’t worry if you’re not musical, many students don’t play any instruments at all!

Generous grants and subsidies
Clare has generous book, travel, research and many more grants. Clare societies are well subsidised by the College, so it’s completely free to get involved with most college sports and societies.

Clare May Ball
One of the most spectacular May Balls in Cambridge. The ball is planned and designed by a team of Clare students and will probably be the best night of your life! Last year Feeder played at the ball.

And the list could go on…

The worst bits of Clare!

Students at every College complain about the quality of canteen food. Clare’s no different. But the food is definitely better and cheaper than most other Colleges and has improved as the result of student surveys.
How short freshers week was (only 5 days!), but this is a Uni-wide problem.
No ball games allowed on Memorial Court lawns, but we do have very easy access to the Backs and Jesus Green.